So, this is why I moved to VT!

It barely hit 70 today.  The air was fresh and clear and clean. It was breezy and sunny and gorgeous!

But there was no time to hit the trail today. I’ve been busy painting cabinets. And before that, walls, with my sprayer. As you will see, I got more in my eyes and nose than on the walls it seemed. But, it made much shorter work of saturating the beadboard with the stuff.

Two of the showers are tiled and the third is in progress. Trim is going back on the walls, two bookcases were custom built by Joe the Magician. Lighting was installed in the kitchen and the walls and cabinets were painted.

Yes, there is progress.

The following photos were taken over the past two weeks, so you will see some activity from the Lake Memphremagog Bike Trail including some good shots of the blue heron (I actually saw him catch a fish, shake it and then swallow it whole!), and the loon, who was just calmly drifting in the lake, going along with the waves.

The hummingbirds have definitely discovered the feeder and are beginning to fight over it territorially. What fun!

On Wednesday, the excavators come to dig up the yard, make a new driveway, parking spaces and add drainage, a new water and sewer line. Stay tuned!

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