Well, the excavators came this week. It just happened to be the first time this summer that we got torrential rains, too!

They moved the earth around and created parking places. We set some boulders to begin the woodland garden that will eventually take shape and to make stairs which will lead to the path to the front door.

So, between the mud being tracked inside and the painting being done, the place has been pretty messy.

I sealed all the woodwork in plastic before spray painting the walls in the foyer, stairway and upstairs hall as well as the upstairs bathroom. When complete and the plastic was removed, I was very happy with the result. But believe me, standing on the scaffold on a step ladder to reach the ceiling and walls over the staircase was no fun!

We had a wonderful day yesterday when nighttime temps. went to the 40s and the day was glorious and sunny and cool.  The Lake Memphremamgog Bike Path was full of joggers, walkers and bikers enjoying the fine weather.

One day, the turtles were out en masse, sunning themselves on the logs in the marsh. I just happened to catch them with the camera.

I’ve seen more great blue herons and a bald eagle the other day.

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