A few days of hot weather in these days of early September and then, poof, they were gone and the rains finally came, just in time to water in all the new plantings at Little Gnesta. The hummingbirds seem to have left but I did spy what appeared to be a baby heron in the marsh next to the Lake Memphremagog Bike Trail.

After the excavators completed their work regrading, installing the driveway and removing the hedgerow of derelict species, I spent three days transplanting some of the shrubs and finishing with mulch and other plantings.  So far, 26 new trees, 10 shrubs and over 50 perennials. As long as the weather holds, the list of flowering plants will grow this fall as I continue to add more.

The pergola was completed as well, adding a touch of whimsy to the back entrance.

The kitchen countertops were installed in the Kaffee Stuga  as well as doors to cover the ugly open shelves, bringing that part of the house very close to completion. Only the floor to lay, now.


  1. monkey tango

    hard to see in the shadow – but i think, by profile, pic 6 is a green heron (and there shouldn’t be any babes, i believe, at this time of the year – so close to winter).
    pergola looks fabulous!
    sauna – yes! (and let me know – bo sells kits and could hook you up!)
    can’t wait to see all for real. looks so wonderful – hope your neighbors agree. nieghborhood upgrades and all that…

  2. monkey tango

    umm – neighborhood…

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