For the past month, trees have been putting on their remarkable display of bright yellows, oranges and reds. This has been going on for some time, since September 23 or so and varies depending on whether one is in the highlands or lowlands. All are accessible from Little Gnesta.

The loons are still on the lake.  I saw four, a few days ago,  from different spots along the Lake Memphremagog bike trail. One day, I spied a heron in with a group of ducks. The geese are flying through en masse.

Just outside St. Johnsbury, about 40 minutes away, I visited Dog Mountain which features a chapel in which people can post remembrances of beloved pets. Associated with the chapel is an art gallery featuring the work of Stephen Huneck.

Burke Mountain, also about 40 minutes away, which features skiing and mountain biking trails, held a blue grass jam in late September. The place was packed with cars from all over New England and Quebec.

The exterior painting of Little Gnesta proceeds at a very slow pace and I fear that paint will not be applied before the weather turns cold for good. Stripping off the old lead paint has proved more difficult than the painters realized and since rain has been coming at regular intervals now,  we are well past the September 30th date that was promised for completion of the project.

But hope springs eternal, and with the luck of an Indian Summer, at least one coat may be applied before the end of the season.

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