Low and behold, through the snow, a porch appeared at the front facade of Little Gnesta. Taking its design elements from the main body of the house, the porch puts the finishing touch to the front entrance. One must believe that there once was a porch wanted here and it either was torn off or was never built due to lack of funds.

Inside, the Umeå Room

is nearing completion with newly refinished floors, white walls and ensuite  bathroom. All it needs now is its chandelier and furniture.

Windows in the Åre Room are being refurbished to function like they did 100 years ago.

And the foyer woodwook has been refinished with a new coat of amber shellac.

Meanwhile, the lake is frozen and shacks for the ice fishermen have appeared.

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  1. Patricia M Sears

    LOVE the Porch! Looking forward to seeing it finished and sitting on it 😉

    CHEERS for you. Looking forward to promoting it as a jewel in downtown @NewportVT! Think about some NewportPassport teasers and then offers and combination packages w/restos and outdoor adventures. Onward!

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