Yesterday, the snow…

So, now we have a little snow on the ground. Still waiting for that big one though! I heard they are skiing on the mountain: Jay Peak.

Snow on the rooftops in Newport!

A cold rain turned to snow in the night, leaving a dusting of snow on the rooftops and ground. Fortunately, Little Gnesta has one layer of paint to get through the winter. Looks like subsequent coats will have to wait … Read More

Just a few more days…

One coat of paint is on the house. With a few more days of mild weather, we should be able to get on a second coat on the main body of the house and one coat of trim paint. We’re … Read More

The colors of autumn have arrived.

For the past month, trees have been putting on their remarkable display of bright yellows, oranges and reds. This has been going on for some time, since September 23 or so and varies depending on whether one is in the … Read More

Finally, the rain…

A few days of hot weather in these days of early September and then, poof, they were gone and the rains finally came, just in time to water in all the new plantings at Little Gnesta. The hummingbirds seem to … Read More

The last two weeks of August. Could this be Camelot?

The last two weeks have been glorious with warm days and cool nights. One day was so misty and cool that I couldn’t help but think Albert Camus would have loved it (“L’Etranger”-no oppressive, blazing sun hurting one’s eyes!) I … Read More

Kingdom Farm and Food Days this weekend!

This is s a chance to get “up close and personal” with local food production in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. This coming Saturday and Sunday will be chock full of events at area farms in the region producing all … Read More

Living in a mud pit!

Well, the excavators came this week. It just happened to be the first time this summer that we got torrential rains, too! They moved the earth around and created parking places. We set some boulders to begin the woodland garden … Read More

Oh, what a day this was!

So, this is why I moved to VT! It barely hit 70 today.  The air was fresh and clear and clean. It was breezy and sunny and gorgeous! But there was no time to hit the trail today. I’ve been … Read More

Some like it hot…but I don't!

It started a couple of days ago. Hot, humid weather has descended upon the shores of Lake Memphremagog and is making Newport pretty steamy during the day.  Fortunately, it has cooled off nicely at night. So, all the people who … Read More