A loon on Lake Memphremagog!

I finally heard and then saw one, a loon on Lake Memphremagog. There he was, appeared to be alone, floating in the water. I’ve heard that loons like the islands in the lake and he wasn’t far from them. A … Read More

Early June in Newport by the Lake (Memphremagog)

It’s early-mid June and the forest flowers are calming a bit. However, human activity on the lake is picking up. Today, June 19, was the official opening of the city extension to the Lake Memphremagog Bike Trail. The day started … Read More

Last Week of May, 2011

These last two weeks of May realized many changes to the house. The drop ceilings were removed and beadboard was installed on many of the derelict plaster walls, which when painted white, will create the soft, cozy feel one experiences … Read More

I saw a Scarlet Tanager today!

…And a Blue Jay. On this glorious day, the bike trail was filled with walkers and bikers. The birds seemed to be enjoying the beautiful weather too and were all over the trail, especially near one of the marshes. Although … Read More

Roof, kitchen and doors this week!

This week saw a flurry of activity. They began to install the new roof, tore out the kitchen ceiling revealing a disgusting mess and moved some closet doors. Listen to Gamarna (http://www.garmarna.se/) a Swedish folk rock band inspired by old … Read More

Lake Memphremagog bike trail 5.12.10

More views, large and small to enjoy along the shores of Lake Memphremagog in the middle of May.

"Before" photos of Little Gnesta, LLC

Enjoying the forest flora along the Lake Memphremagog bike trail.

Early May is a wonderful time to enjoy the forest flora along the bike trail next to the majestic Lake Memphremagog. On the trail, which goes from downtown Newport to the border with Quebec, Canada one can enjoy a traffic-free … Read More

Splitting Wood for Winter 2012-13

Two gigantic maples on the lot,  a sugar maple, mostly dead, and the other a structural hazard, were taken down and cut into gigantic logs, some 3-4 feet across. With the help of Travis and company, we split and stacked … Read More