Cleaning/Damage Agreement

Apartment will be returned in the condition in which it was rented. This means that it will be clean (cleaning supplies/vacuum cleaners are in the basement laundry room, if needed), linens and towels washed or stripped from bed and placed in a pile on the floor, dishes washed, furnishings undamaged. If not, the following charges will be incurred: general cleaning $70, soiled slipcovers $75; furnishings replacement and repair dependent upon what is damaged.

We will take an imprint of your credit card upon arrival and make these charges after final inspection, if necessary. Your signature below indicates that you agree to these terms and conditions.
Listed damage at check-in:
Ruth Sproull dba Little Gnesta B&B__________________________________ date____

Listed damage at check-out:

Ruth Sproull dba Little Gnesta B & B_________________________________date___